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June 2022

A month for open source maintainers to gather, share, and be celebrated.

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Welcome to Maintainer Month!

Illustration inspired by M. C. EscherIllustration inspired by M. C. Escher

Open Source runs the world. But who runs open source? Who is there, day by day, to keeping it all running? Open Source project maintainers make the software we use possible. But project maintenance is intense work - and it doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

Maintainer Month is a reminder for the ecosystem to support, celebrate, and compensate open source maintainers.

Maintainer Month is an opportunity for maintainers to gather and share knowledge and experiences. It’s a time to see how other projects are tackling similar problems. And it’s a time to reflect collectively that the challenges faced aren’t all technical, and the burden on maintainers can come with a lack of boundaries, vacations, or emotional support. Whether you’re celebrating contributions to open source, or reflecting on the particular pains of this line of labor, this is a month to come together.

What’s going on during Maintainer Month?

This is an open source initiative to bookmark a month to collectively contemplate open source maintainership, whatever form that takes. Various organizations, projects, and companies will be running activities, events, and distributing resources. Submit a PR to list what you’re planning, so that folks can come participate. Anyone can plan or add something. No-one owns Maintainer Month - it’s for everyone.

How do I get involved?


Posting on social media to thank the maintainers of their favorite open source projects


Recording special podcast episodes


Organizing special-edition open working group meetings


Hosting mini-events


Convening tool-specific maintainer summits


Streaming live on Twitch


Pledging to donate to support Open Source

Upcoming events 2022

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We have a full month of activities

Maintainer Month 2024 Advisory Council

Kara Sowles - GitHub

Josh Simmons - The Foundation

Julia Ferraioli - Amazon Web Services

Richard Littauer - SustainOSS

Melissa Mendonça - Quansight