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May 2024

A month for open source maintainers to gather, share, and be celebrated.

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Welcome to Maintainer Month!

Illustration inspired by M. C. EscherIllustration inspired by M. C. Escher

Open source runs the world, but who runs open source? Open source maintainers are behind the software we use everyday, but they don't always have the community or support they need. That's why we're celebrating open source maintainers during the month of May.

Theme For Maintainers

Finding balance, stepping back, and succession planning as leaders.

Theme For Companies

Now is the time to double down on funding open source.

Latest News

Learn about open source governance!

We're collecting resources, guides, exercises, experiments, insights, wisdom and best practices on how to tackle the governance challenges that open source projects face.

How do I get involved?

Maintainer Month is an open source project — anyone can jump in and contribute! Whether you're a maintainer, an organization, or a fan or open source, you're invited to participate! Here are a few ways you can jump in:

Calling maintainers!

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Share your story

Let others know what it’s like to be a maintainer with the hashtag #MaintainerMonth & add it to our library! Interested in sharing your story on a podcast or post with one of our partners? Sign-up here and we'll introduce you to a partner if there's a good fit.

Connect with other maintainers

Take a look at the Maintainer Month activities on the calendar and attend an event where you can meet other maintainers. We’re always adding more activities to the calendar, check back often!

Join the Maintainer Community

Request an invitation to the Maintainer Community, a private space for maintainers to connect with peers, preview GitHub features, and learn from each other.

Interested in Partnering?

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Highlight maintainers

Feature open source maintainers on your podcast / stream / social media with #MaintainerMonth during the month of May. If you would like us share potential maintainers you can feature, let us know. Add your event to our calendar or share stories in the library!

Host events to convene maintainers

Host an event that brings maintainers together! Give them space to connect and learn from each other. Submit an issue to get your event listed on our website.

Pay maintainers

Launch a FOSS Fund or sponsorship program to pay the maintainers of the software you depend on. We’d love to help, please reach out.

Upcoming events 2024

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